Aircraft Custom Kitting Services

Aircraft custom kitting services is all about providing a range of options to meet a range of requirements, using worldwide sourcing experience to provide a single source of supply. Certified quality management under an as9120 quality control system when providing aircraft spares preload kits means that a customer is billed from one single source but can choose a variety of solutions to an unpredictable eventuality.

Assembling Base and Line Station Kits and preload consumable kits to satisfy the end user is a skill, clearly more than just second guessing, but it does control the price and provide a level of accuracy essential for customer satisfaction with automated cost efficiency. It removes the expense of inventory management, logistics and documentation.

QEC kits

– Quick Engine Change QEC kits are a collection of components and accessories installed into a bare engine to reduce the time required for installation of the entire powerplant onto an aircraft.

– QEC kits are one of three things, basic neutral or full.

– Basic QEC kits include all major parts and accessories required for an engine test.

– Neutral QEC kits are in-between and comprise the basic kit plus sufficient parts and accessories to allow installation on an airframe. They are not airframe specific.

– Full QEC kits are the neutral kit plus airframe specific items.

On wing component replacement

Engine maintenance has evolved. On-wing component replacement or in situ repair constitutes a huge saving.

Monitoring data has made it possible to anticipate a fix that can be done on wing before a problem causes engine removal. Damage can be environmental or unexpected and techniques referred to as diagnostics and prognostics are in development to further support identification of timely on-wing intervention.

New techniques are coming along all the time which make the work to certified standards more practicable on wing. The use of advanced composites for engine components, for example, requires a different set of repair techniques to those used on traditional materials in the workshop environment.